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Regular dental checkups are important. A thorough cleaning removes the stain and debris that builds up on your teeth and  that cannot be brushed or flossed away. This kind of cleaning is different than the cleaning you accomplish on your own every day. For most adults, calculus and stain build up enough every six months to warrant a professional visit. Your dentist and hygienist can tell you what interval might be good for your particular case.

At your dental check up the dentist will carefully examine your mouth for signs of dental caries, broken teeth, leaky fillings or other dental problems. A visual exam is always done but sometimes x-rays may be taken if necessary to check for decay between teeth. Decay between teeth is the second most common kind of dental decay and can be detected early with x-rays. Most dentists will accomplish an oral cancer screening at this visit and may even check your blood pressure. Problems caught early can be less expensive to fix and have a better outcome.

Hygienists are personal care specialists and can give you personalized instruction on how to care for your teeth and advise you on the right brush, floss, mouth rinse, or other customized oral hygiene aids to help do just that.

A car needs regular maintenance to keep running well. I used to work with an older dentist that told his patients to be sure and come in for “an oil and grease.” Professional dental cleanings are just a part of maintaining your teeth that will help you keep them for life. See you soon!

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